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Your voting simple, direct & secure

 Let your employees, visitors or listeners experience the opinion poll of the future right now in all our different fields of application.

At trade fairs

Agile trade fair control – with collective intelligence, to better understand customers and to be able to meet their needs earlier and more comprehensively.

In Human Resources

Experience the new generation of mobile employee surveys. According to the motto: "Bring-Your-Own-Device", any Internet-capable device can take part in your survey – anonymously and securely.

At events

The classic application for td:wrk is the spontaneous voting in your presentation. No matter whether you visualise your results online or in PowerPoint. With td:wrk you strengthen the interactive power of your event. 

Agile control with td:wrk on fairs.

Every trade fair enjoys a positive response from its visitors. Be it the recommendations, the purchase/sales or simply the returning to the trade fair (this applies equally to exhibitors and visitors).


With td:wrk we have created platform that is compatible for communication with any device ("Bring Your Own Device" BYOD). This allows visitors and exhibitors to contact each other in a completely new way and exchange information in a new digital format – directly without scatter loss, immediately without loss of time and flexibly without restriction. 

The aim is to collect, bundle and provide on a dashboard feedback from trade fair visitors to a wide variety of topics and needs with the least amount of hardware installations. This allows "on demand" moods to be captured and evaluated. It enables both exhibitors and the trade fair operator to make agile and targeted adjustments to the collective intelligence of all visitors, even during the current fair. 


Communicate with your employees in real time.

Every employee survey means an enormous effort or you simply choose td:wrk. With td:wrk you can easily create online surveys. You specify the response period, e.g. 10.10.2018, 09.00 pm - 15.10.2018. 12.00 am, verbalise your questions and send it to your employees. With the help of the "short link", anyone with an internet-enabled device, whether a smartphone or tablet PC, can join in.


Just send the displayed link by e-mail or use the QR code of your survey. You can print it out, display it on monitors or use it in documents. In any case anonymity is guaranteed and each employee can answer your question individually; and the best part is, all types of questions are possible; even free text answer for your idea cloud. 

Display results online or immediately in PowerPoint

Direct participation and interaction

Security and anonymity guaranteed

Cloud-based, without installation for participants


Your Presentation – live & vivid with simple system requirements. 

td:wrk makes your presentation interactive. With no installation, regardless of the platform, you can engage your audience in your presentation. You can, for example, activate live voting and survey enabling them to see real time results. 

Would you like to tap into the mood of the people in your audience; and to quickly assess their opinions and views? Anonymous feedback on a critical question can happen live during your presentation? With td:wrk, you no longer need hand signals to interactively engage your audience during the presentation. Instead, participants with smartphone, tablet PC or notebook can participate in polls or surveys real time.

Invite your participants via QR code or link

Control the query easily in your presentation

Everyone votes live and anonymously via touch/click

All, you and your participants need, is an internet connection

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